Do you ever need to start over? 

Sometimes life throws me moments where I need to take a breath and start the day over with a new perspective. Press Refresh is an inspirational self-help email series born from those moments.  This bi-monthly email series is here to help you be still, breathe, and refresh. You may get a thousand emails but I hope when you get this one that you'll take 5 minutes out of your day to check in with yourself and hit the refresh button. 

Below you'll find some #pressrefresh examples. 

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Press Refresh on Your Job Search 

Finding the next step in your career is sometimes a daunting process. Perhaps you are in a toxic environment, currently unemployed, or just seeking your next big opportunity. If you're feeling isolated or discouraged, I invite you to join me on an eight day journey to REFRESH our hearts, minds, and ultimately refresh our faith in this process.  Read the recap here

Press Refresh on Self-Love 

What if you could love yourself just a bit better this year? Change your outlook on yourself and your life by cultivating your self-love. In this 8-day intensive, we work with Coach B (Brandi S. Turpin) to explore the roots of how we fall out of love with ourselves and how to get back on track. 

Topics include: 

- "When did you believe the lie?" : Getting to the root of your self love issues

- The Curse of Comparison 

- Meantime Love: How we love ourselves when it seems nobody else does 



press refresh day 3 self love.png