Getting from A to Z

I believe the dream you want to accomplish is possible. However, when we have the audacity to dream big you can become completely overwhelmed with the task of taking your big idea from A to Z. You deserve to see your dreams come to life. I’d love to help you make that happen.  

Getting to Z consulting services can help you bring your dream to life.  I am a strategic communications consultant that specializes in helping small businesses improve their communications (websites, social media, emails, etc), marketing and their overall customer service.  

Here's what we can do together:  

  • A communications audit of what you're currently using and a strategy to improve
  • A plan to market better and grow your customer base 
  • Write and revise your customer communications (emails, ads, social media, and website text) 
  • Understand your audience and how to reach them 
  • Keep you on track and organized by revamping your systems 
  • Improve your customer relationships online and off 
  • And more! 

My experience: 

- Degree in Public Relations and Sociology (I study how people think and what drives them to action) 

- Over seven years of communications, marketing and project management

Price List:

30 minute consultation - $35

Ideal for anyone who wants to talk through a single problem or needs some idea of where to start. 

60 minute consultation - $65

Ideal for anyone who wants to work through a bigger problem and/or develop a plan.